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 Competition Rules and Regulations

1. The competition starts on 25th July 2012 and consists of 20 problems which will be posted every week.  
New problems will be posted every Wednesday at 11:00 (GMT). Each new problem is finalized in the following 24 hours (i.e. checked for possible revisions, changes, extra information, etc.) and the answering period starts on Thursdays at 11:00 (GMT). 
Competitors may start the competition at any time during the 24 week period, and answer problems from past weeks.  
Each user may join the competition with a single name/membership.  
Do not write explanations when answering problems. Respond numerically unless the opposite is requested. Otherwise your answer will be evaluated as wrong. 
Competitors may be required to justify their answers. In such cases, the particular problem is evaluated according to the justification/explanation.  
For your comments and suggestions you can use the [comments] section. Please do not discuss/share answers or tips in your messages. Also please keep in mind that every message will be read, but since this section is not a "forum", not all of them will be published or answered.  
Each correct answer is 100 points and users may additionally collect two types of extra points. These are given depending on (a) the answering day of each user and (b) the percentage of correct answers given by all users to the same problem. More specifically:  
  a. Competitors receive 5 points for each answer they provide on the first answering day (Thursday 11:00 - Friday 10:59 GMT) of the first week, 4 points for each answer on the second day (Friday 11:00 - Saturday 10:59 GMT), 3 for each answer on the third day (Saturday 11:00 - Sunday 10:59 GMT), 2 for each answer on the fourth day (Sunday 11:00 - Monday 10:59 GMT), 1 for each answer on the fifth day (Monday 11:00 - Tuesday 10:59 GMT). No extra points are given for correct answers to problems from past weeks.  
  b. (100-the correct answer percentage of all users) is added to the total points.  
    For example: Suppose that a competitor has answered a certain problem on the fifth day and the same problem was answered correctly by 30 of the 50 competitors who responded. In this case, 100 points for answering the problem correctly, another 1 point for answering on the fifth day, and 40 extra points (because 30 out of 50 users answered that problem correctly) will be given. The competitor receives 141 points (100 + 1 +[ 100-(100*30/50) ] = 141 ) in total.  
Competitors may change their answers but this is limited to 4 times only (5 answering options in total). 20 points will be subtracted from 100 points as each change is made by the competitor. (1st answer-no change:100 points, 2nd answer:80 points, 3rd answer:60 points, 4th answer: 40 points, 5th answer: 20 points).  
The scoreboard is updated approximately once a month. The points on the scoreboard correspond to correct answers for randomly chosen problems and include bonus points. (The number of randomly chosen problems is equal to half of the total number of problems). The final calculation will be made at the end of the competition, and the competitors will be able to  examine their scores for all the problems for a 1 week period. 
Certificates will be e-mailed to the winners; the 10 competitors with the highest points. There are no rewards.  
The answers and the solutions will not be announced. The ideas behind the reason for this can be found in the passage taken from the speech made by Emrehan Halici regarding this rule.  
The problems in the competition are composed by Emrehan Halici, and fall into three different groups:  
    a. Different versions of formerly published, poorly-known problems  
    b. Problems based on a mathematical theory or formula  
    c. Original problems  
Any problem may be cancelled due to reasons such as faulty problems, or similar problems published in another commonly used medium. In such cases, the cancellation will be announced on the PuzzleUp website and scores will be re-calculated. Objections regarding these problems are to be evaluated at the end of the competition. The deadline for objections will be announced at the end of answering period.  
The PuzzleUp board has the right to make amendments on these rules. Once amendments have been made, they will be stated in the rules page, and announced on the main page.  
The PuzzleUp board has the right to disqualify any competitor who violates these rules or any other ethical rule.  
All competitors are expected to have read and accepted these rules.


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