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No: 08       September 11, 2019



In a meeting there are 32 participants around a round table, some are sitting, and some are standing. Every hour there will be a new session. In each session participants will behave according to the following rule:

-The participants whose neighbors in the previous session being in the same state will sit, and the participants whose neighbors being in the opposite state will stand up.

What is the minimum number of sessions needed to guarantee that everyone will be sitting at the table?

If the problem was asked for 4 people, the answer would be 3.
Example: If the positions are A,A,A,B in the first session, it will be B,A,B,A in the second session, and A,A,A,A in the third session.
(A: sitting, B: standing)

Popularity: 64.6 %     Difficulty: 40.9 %    

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