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 Emrehan HALICI

Emrehan HALICIEmrehan Halici was born in Konya, Turkey in 1956. He graduated from Konya Maarif Koleji and went on to obtain his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara. After having worked as a research assistant at the same institution, he founded HALICI Corporation.

Halici has carried out many computer technology-based projects in Turkey as well as abroad, and has been granted many awards. He also worked as the "software coordinator" in the production of the first Turkish computer.

Halici, who has devoted great efforts in promoting information technologies and software issues in the country, has also served as the President of Software Industrialists Association and the Vice President of the Turkish Informatics Foundation. He is currently working as founder and manager in many organizations within the sector.

Halici is the initial investor in the first ever technopolis project in Turkey, established on the Middle East Technical University campus. With an in-door capacity of 5000 m², METU-HALICI Software is one of the largest software complexes in Turkey.

Having a special interest in music, Halici pioneers in the introduction and promotion of computer supported music technology in the country. He has been organizing the Halici Computer Music Composition Contest for fifteen years.

Halici has been an active advocate of institutionalizing chess. He became the President of the Turkish Chess Federation in 1992 and held office until 1999 when he was elected to the Turkish National Assembly. He was granted FIDE Presidential Membership in 1994 and was elected as FIDE Vice President in 1998, a position which he held for 4 years thereafter. He was also awarded by various organizations for his efforts in making Istanbul the host city for the World Chess Olympics in 2000.

Highly interested in knowledge and intelligence, Halici is a member of MENSA and has been published nationally and internationally in the fields of mathematics, intelligence and chess. In addition to preparing brain-teasers for leading Turkish newspapers and journals, Halici has been a columnist for Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’s Bilim Teknik (Science and Technique) magazine since 1978. He is the founder and the executive editor of mind and puzzle magazine Oyun (Game). Since 2004, he has released six best selling puzzles and problems books (Mind Games 1-2-3-4 and Intelligence Games 1-2).

Halici is the Founder and the president of the Turkish Intelligence Foundation since 1995. He prepares the "Problem Marathon" column for the official website www.tzv.org.tr of the foundation which currently has over 30,000 members. He has been organizing the Turkish Intelligence Games Competition in coordination with the Ministry of National Education now for 13 years.

Halici is a member of Turkish Parliament. He was first elected Deputy for Konya in 1999 and has served till 2002. In 2007 he was elected to the National Assembly again, this time as Deputy for Ankara.

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