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 HALICI Informatics

One of Turkey's leading software companies, HALICI Informatics and Software function in their premises in the Technopolis on METU campus. In addition to HALICI, other establishments have also been set up in the Technopolis, making it a pioneering site in Turkey.

HALICI Software contributed to the production of the first local computer in the 1980s and started producing the first local office software in the early 1990s. In the new millenium, HALICI still continues to be a leader by being the investor for the first Technopolis in Turkey and by setting the example for the university-industry collaboration.

In recent years, HALICI Group have been focusing on R&D studies, working on high technology projects and developing educational software programs based on modern theories of education. HALICI, whose educational software programs have been supported by TUBITAK, have also been in cooperation with universities, non-governmental organizations and others in the sector.

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